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Many many many many years ago, back in the very early days of the internet (well, at least as far as NZ businesses were concerned), I worked in a factory with 2 computers, the bosses (which had an "OFF TIME" that could be measured in weeks, and may never have actually ever been turned on) and the secretary's. She also handled orders from customers with this newfangled email thing.

There was a problem with the email (aside from their using Outlook for it), nothing in or out. Their IT person and a few others looked at it but couldn't fix it, corrupted PST or whatever Outlook used at the time.

I sat down with the machine, noted the error message (and the path/file), asked the secretary if she was aware of anything important in the emails. Now this lady was a filing genius (compared to most I've know), and any email of importance was saved (often printed and into a filing cabinet), everything else was deleted. So there was nothing in the email folder that would've worked.

All the time I was sitting there the IT guy was on the other side of the reception window loudly saying things like "What the fuck are you asking him for? He's just a fucking clueless factory worker" and generally running me down. He had even got the boss to come in to tell off the secretary.

While he was telling the boss how I was about to screw up badly and wreck the computer, I moved the damaged file to a backup folder, rebooted the machine (to make sure any lingering file handles were closed off), and as the boss came in to ask me what I thought I was doing (and the secretary mentioned I knew more than I let on). The machine came up, I started Outlook and it came up fine (I can't recall if it skipped a beat while it made the new .pst or not). We turned the modem on, dialled the ISP, and hey presto new emails downloaded. All opened fine.

IT guy had spent the whole morning at it, without luck. I got it dealt with inside of 10 minutes - not bad when you consider the Win 95 boot times (although it may've been 3.11). I enjoyed the look on his face as the boss thanked me and invited me to come into his office at the end of the day. I never let on to the IT guy what was said in that office either, I loved it even more letting him stew, as did the secretary whom he asked several times.

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