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Actually used that line at the interview for my current job (Without the F bomb obviously), that if I can find a way to script\automate a process I will as its a time saver & gives the same consistent results every time.

Got the job, created some useful scripts over the last year & working on a all-singing dancing one that populates AD, adds user to groups & moves into the correct OU. Then for shits n giggles resets the new starters passwords, emails it out to the manager & emails me the completed template with all the work order details to cut n paste into the ticket.

Yesterday it was announced that all the AD population stuff will be automated by HR\Management Sharepoint forms in the near future, I'm hoping some my stuff can be utilized for whatever's left that's not automated.

Am I a little pissed about this? No, because the time it saved me over the last year was worth it, the Powershell scripting tricks & methods I learned in company time invaluable.

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