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I like the word...

...but don't use it here much. But the A-Team sound like cunts.

I can't stand engineers like that. It's fine fobbing of a user now and then if you have other urgent work to do and if they are very difficult and won't take "We're not sure why its doing it but we're still investigating. It's ongoing" as a reason you need to move on. But flat out saying that's how its suppose to work just to shut them up, then not working out what the issue is. And then telling someone that might actually be able to work it out to "not bother as we've already looked. Just tell them that's how it work" And then dismissing that person after when they actually find the fix because it made you look stupid, is a dick move.

I suspect he was glad he actually now didn't work for that "A-Team". Was it Arsehole-Team, see what I did there.

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