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It is too embarrassing... please do not help us any more

I had to go out to an Asian country to work on an "Performance problem" on the mainframe a week before a huge application was due to go live.

Strobe showed that the highest used module in the CICS region was "printf". Applications still had the debug code in it, so this shows how production ready it was.

Strobe also showed a DB2 problem 90% of elapsed time spent in one line of SQL.

In the far east you do not lose your temper, every thing is normally calm, you do not lose face.

In the status meeting the next day the CIO totally lost it, red faced and spitting, with the comments aimed at the implementers. I could hear blah blah blah printf, blah blah blah SQL blah blah

The translation was you have worked on this performance problem for 6 months and you said nothing could be done. This foreigner comes in and in half a day finds two major problems. What have you been doing?

After the meeting every one was deeply embarrassed (except me). I brightly said I could identify more performance problems once they had fixed the first two, but no, it was suggested I take the rest of the week off and see the sights. They would call me if needed. I never heard from them again even emails got returned. Perhaps the team was taken out and shot.

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