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Airbus starts at least with a dynamically stable airframe (which is where all the 737 MAX's problems originate), and as its software has the last say instead of the pilot, redundancy is not seen as an afterthought but as a critical safety component (and, let's be honest, as the only way to get a FAA certification, at least one that's been done properly).

Last but not least, Airbus has decades of experience with software running the show, so by now they have a pretty good handle on where issues can arise and what to do to address them now before it ends up killing people. For Boeing to think they can quickly slap something together to fix a fundamental physical design problem and put that pretty much in charge over the pilot is unforgivable, especially since this was so critical to keep the plane in the air. It also raises MAJOR issues about the certification path for the 737 MAX.

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