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300 knots at 600 feet 0oop’s!! RIP...

What do we know about the behavior of the 737 Max 8 plane in the Ethiopian Air incident?

When looking at the current data on the flight path of Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 on March 12, the airplane got to 1,000 feet. The airplane at that point lost about 400 feet of altitude, which is extraordinary. The next thing that’s interesting is the airplane flew level for about 30 seconds, about 500 to 600 feet above the ground. This is not what a civilian airplane’s supposed to do—you’re supposed to fly away. And the airspeed continued to increase, they got to over 300 knots at under 1,000 feet above the ground. No pilot would consider doing that.!!!

Why they weren’t able to immediately climb in that 30-second period is a mystery!!!

But at the end of that the plane did climb, and it climbed very nicely. We don’t know what happened after that—the last thing we saw on radar was the airplane flying very fast and climbing. One would have thought that whatever happened, they figured it out and off they went. But, tragically, they didn’t.

Can anyone here suggest what was going on to cause the anomalies listed above?

In the case of the 737 [Max 8]engines are installed below the center of gravity. And so, as the wing loses lift, the engines generate a pitching movement that causes the nose to want to go up. If the nose is starting to rise all by itself and the pilot doesn’t want that to happen, they will have to push the stick to stop it from going up, and that force reversal is a big no-no. Basically you should pull the stick to go up, and you should push the stick to go down—and you should never have to push the stick forward to stop it from going up!!!

The debris field starts some distance from the crash site was the plane breaking up before impact?

Could this indicate an explosion or other catastrophe event, smoke was seen coming from the rear of the plane, though that needs taking with a pinch of salt as the witnesses view, could of hidden the fact, smoke was coming from the fuselage or an engine out of view of the witness but from their point of view looked to be coming from the tail, the same goes for the debris, paper and other items seen falling from the plane prior to it crashing, what are the forums opinions of this and the above?

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