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Indeed, so very true.

Drive by wire, throttle, steering and brakes and now CVT's are so common and for so long that there is a generation of drivers who have no idea of what is happening while driving. They have been completely insulated from the car and road their whole life.

The same generation feels that they should survive every crash, that crashing shouldn't be so feared. At worst crashing should only mean a reset and a new car. Software and tech has people believing that the laws of physics and mechanics can largely be ignored, and they are not wrong.

That enables most drivers to drive far faster and in poorer conditions than they could otherwise.Expecting anything else would be similar to expecting pilots to fly airplanes.

BTW there are cars that will allow access to the software to improve road feel but they have yet to give the feedback of equally expensive mechanical systems. For those that want that feedback, particularly in a RWD front engined car with proper balance there are increasingly few options.

Shame that because electric powered cars can be, IME, even better when it comes to balance, control, feel and feedback.

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