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I complain so often that I have a rule.

After the third letter, after having explained the situation, given a chance for goodwill to take hold, a chance to understand the facts, do some groundwork, back-and-forth a little in a reasonable manner... after the third letter, I start a tally on the bottom of the letter which includes not only the refund/whatever I'm after but also ongoing costs.

Down to the envelope, the paper, the phonecall cost, and the postage stamp. Not to mention a separate tally of my time, and my billable rates.

It encourages them to resolve early, especially because I rarely write until I have exhausted genuine first-line grievance processes by other means.

Some pay it. Some question. Some pay a token compensation on top of the refund to cover some of it. Some ignore and then only refund and hope I'll just forget about all that other stuff (which I often do but it depends).

When they threaten me with court (which is surprisingly common when I'm the one with the genuine complaint, which is incredibly strange when you realise that I've never actually been to court once in my entire life so their success rate isn't very high), I say that I'll add those costs on to the outstanding complaint. Lawyers do, why shouldn't I, even in a small claims motion?

It focuses their mind from "oh, we can just fob him off with another letter", generally. Even if they write to say they won't be paying that, it then makes them put a win for me somewhere else in the same letter to appease.

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