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Off-topic, but I think the "bicycle wheels as gyroscopes" theory is mistaken*.

A cyclist essentially balances by steering the bike to keep the point(s) of support below the centre of gravity (when cornering, there are also centrifugal effects). It's harder to balance at low speeds because it takes longer for the wheels to move back underneath you. In this situation most riders also move their upper body over the point of support. The classic example of this is when standing on the pedals to climb a steep hill.

If you can't steer the bike, it's very hard to balance it. Everyone can balance with their feet off the pedals, and most people can balance with no hands on the handlebars. Both at once is usually a recipe for disaster.

* Stand your bike upside down and crank the pedals as fast as you can to get the back wheel spinning. Then tilt it. You'll get an idea how small the gyroscopic force is - especially if you have small or lightweight wheels.

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