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Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Just another ASA farce

ASA: That's naughty, don't do it again

Naughty: We're disappointed to be called naughty.

Now calculate odds on this having any deterrent effect at all on Naughty?

IBM once advertised RFID tags in the UK with massive dishonesty, showing a scenario of a delivery truck, lost in the desert, finding its way to safety with the help of the RFID chips on the goods in the trailer.

When I pointed out the idiocy of this to the ASA, their response stated that the ads were just extending the concept and permissible poetic licence. They did so using a form of words taken directly from their own texts on what is NOT permissible. Having read that text before submitting my complaint, it seemed sadly probable that the writer, having been handsomely BRIBED was now just thumbing his nose at me.

Probity? They'll need a Dictionary.

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