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"Stick shaker and stall warning comes on. Pilots think plane is nearing stall.

Nose dips down - yep, definitely stalling for real!"

More likely:

Stick shaker and stall warning comes on. Pilots think wtf? Why does this thing think it's stalling?

Nose dips down -wtf? What the hell's it doing? It's not responding either. Wait I guess I can trim it out. Phew.

10 seconds later, MCAS cycles again. But a bit lower. Repeat.

Besides the obvious oversight with the AoA inputs, it's mind-boggling that this thing would engage while sinking at low altitude. I imagine it's supposed to work in a low altitude climb as part of its normal function and disengage in a low altitude sink but only accounts for instantaneous vertical acceleration...which would be an oops. (Once you get low enough it becomes pointless to try to recover lift by pitching down, it makes more sense to try for a potentially survivable belly-landing, rather than go nose-first and explode.)

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