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Boeing big cheese repeats pledge of 737 Max software updates following fatal crashes

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That seems to be the issue, that MCAS is capable of pushing the nose down beyond the limits of the pilot being able to counter it. I'm reminded of how the Thinkpads (in the days before trackpads) had a little red 'nub' in the middle of the keyboard to control the mouse - occasionally the mouse would start to "drift", you'd correct it with your finger, confusing the laptop into drifting it to counteract your movements. Only lifting your finger off would allow it to realise and stop moving.

It's also perhaps an overly simplistic interpretation, but I'm reading that the MCAS can be over-ridden but that it can in certain circumstances start adding trim again to an already-MCAS-trim level (effectively adding 4x as much stabiliser trim than that envisaged by Boeing)

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