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There is no way to disable JUST MCAS. Pilots can only disable ALL electrical trimming (including the manual trim switches on the control yoke) which leaves them with only the cable driven manual trim system using a handcrank on the trimwheel in the cockpit. That is a workout to say the least (IIRC 120 turns for full stroke from full down trim to full up trim)

But pilots might now know what MCAS is and why their plane keeps trimming nose down in 10 second bursts. However, if this information is not in the flight manual it remains to be seen they think of it during a time of crisis. It's come out yesterday that the Lion Air pilots where frantically searching in the manual to find an explanation and couldn't find anything. In both of these accidents the pilots didn't have time to decide to turn back. Once the wheels left the ground they were immediately in full emergency mode trying to find out why their aircraft was trying to kill them. I can understand why they kept climbing. Altitude is life in aviation. It gives you time and options.

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