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"IT have been doing it, trying to 'dumb-down' systems so that organisations don't need highly technical, expensive, staff to set stuff up, configure it, tune it, keep it running smoothly. They'd rather have a room full of unskilled staff following flow-charts and panicking when the task goes off-script."

IT has been automating tasks and removing jobs for decades. IT people forgetting that they are supposed to be adding value and efficiency to an organisation OR an organisation assuming that IT adds no value or efficiency to an organisation often results in outsourcing and the effects you describe.

The question is where the problem really lies and if the course can be changed before reaching the situation described above - in many cases, the answer is find a better organisation...

For Boeing, losing one aircraft was "clearly" operator error and failing to follow the documented procedures and the automation remained unchanged. The second aircraft changed that and the changes in how Boeing certifies planes in the future will be interesting. But the automation will remain.

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