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Boeing big cheese repeats pledge of 737 Max software updates following fatal crashes


"MCAS was intended to add nose-down trim if it thought the aircraft was getting close to stalling."

If I look out the window and see dark clouds rolling in, is "looks like rain" a thought that crosses my mind, or just a primitive response to sensor inputs?

I'm pretty sure, nay, let's really push the boat out and say that I'm absolutely certain, that the author of this piece didn't for one femtosecond think that the MCAS system has any sort of sentience, and that the use of "if it thought" here is nothing more than a figure of speech used as a somewhat more readable alternative to "if it received inputs from the AOA sensor which crossed some pre-defined thresholds, determined after extensive flight regime testing, CFD modelling etc., to be a strong indicator that".

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