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No, the Typhoon is deliberately unbalanced. Turn the computers off (if such a concept existed) and even Douglas Bader couldn't keep it in the air.

Generally speaking, passenger aircraft should be positively stable, i.e. can be trimmed in such a way to fly without input.

This has got nothing to do with "dynamics", but all to do with stability. From what I understand, the 737 Max 8 design changes have made it somewhat less stable, and has MCAS available to manage trim as a result. Nothing inherently wrong with that, assuming of course that MCAS is:

1) tested properly

2) has suitable redundancy

3) is predictable

4) alerts when it is called upon

5) pilots are correctly trained to know what to do when it comes on.

Seemingly none of the above apply.

Regarding the comparison - the point is that you CAN turn something that's unstable into something that's unstable, and that there's nothing wrong with computers doing this, providing they are suitably designed.

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