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Boeing big cheese repeats pledge of 737 Max software updates following fatal crashes

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Whatever happened to the stick shalers of old that used to warn pilots of an imminent stall? Dispensed with as "old hat" by the look of it.

I am more than a little alarmed that given the number of other flight characteristics being monitored by both pilots and software (forward air speed, rate of climb, attitude, altitude) this MCAS seems to have been fully autonomous in that it wasn't paying any heed to other inputs, and having decided on a course of action kept putting the nose down despite the pilot(s) applying manual corrections. It seems to have been functioning entirely on its own without reference to anything else.

I know that it is in woefully bad taste to make any sort of joke about it, but it wasn't designed by an E*** M*** was it?

Maybe it's the way the article was written but to me it signals very long term trouble for Boeing.

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