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"I think this is also an answer to Schneier when he proposed IT companies should hire people to advocate for citizens' privacy and security. Most people do only the interests of those who pay them".

While I have great respect for Mr Schneier and the other experts in his field, I think he greatly underestimated the difficulty of this problem.

Money is like concentrated sulphuric acid. Let enough of it out into the world and it's damned hard to limit the damage.

We now have a dominant culture (coming from the USA) in which money is not only the greatest, but almost the only value. Think about it. Aren't the rich, on the whole, those who are admired and set up as role models? Almost regardless of how they got their money?

Now try to think of a system in which honest people regulate the great majority of the corrupt (where "corrupt" means "will do almost anything for money"). Not easy, is it?

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