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JBnb asked, "...why Boeing was in such dire need of FAA help...?"

Presumably they're developing the software patch IAW DO178, to some moderately high Design Assurance Level. So there's a lengthy process, with dozens and dozens of documents, and with independent review and sign-off at various stages. So, if that's the sort of process they're following, then it takes months.

Given the circumstances, there will be intense pressure to complete the process even faster, and at the same time even slower and more carefully, than last time. It'll be insane.

Nobody is allowed to point out that the whole Design Assurance process didn't actually seem to help the first time through, based on the evidence before us. So I won't mention it here... ...Oops.

I also won't mention how the whole aircraft safety process shouldn't have allowed a 2nd incident of the same type. There's an exposé topic, just sitting there.

Bucket of stink.

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