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Re: More than 300 dead is largely worth an abundance of caution

It is a complicated job, but at some levels it's not.

For example, it ought to be quite easy to recognise the dangers in stretching out a 60 year old design this far, indeed introducing some aerodynamic instability to be competitive. That ought to have raised alarm bells all the way up and down through Boeing, but didn't.

They really might not survive this. If MCAS is permanently condemned no matter what fixes are proposed, that's probably the end of 737MAX. Aerodynamic fixes would be very difficult, and would require a full recertification (something they've avoided for 50 years). And that'd be the end of Boeing's single aisle cash cow. They might be forced to exit the single aisle business because they've not got a replacement design on the books. If they can't make good money from 777x and 787 (the latter is working well now but who knows if it will ever pay itself back). And this is before they get sued, fined, pay out compensation to the grounded airlines, etc.

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