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Software "takes control" away from pilots in all airliners. All fly-by-wire systems take the control out of the pilot's hands. Unless you are flying prop planes, fly-by-wire is necessary.

I suspect most people get into their automobiles every day and don't realize they really have little control over their vehicle. The vast majority of modern autos are fly-by-wire. The accelerator and brake pedals are only connected to sensor boxes. They are no longer physically connected to carburetors and brake cables. The steering wheel is the same. In most cases, it is connected to a sensor box and the computer drives the electric motor(s) to turn the wheels. There is no longer a steering shaft that physically connects to the front wheels anymore. Pop your hood and see for yourself.

We all happily go our merry way and don't realize that we have a lot of trust in software when we're racing down the highway.

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