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" the physical characteristics of this plane are significantly worse then it's predecessors (at least in some aspects). Didn't the problem really start there?"

Seems a fair description. In the interests of a ~10% improvement in fuel economy on the MAX series, without having 737 operators incur costs, aircrew downtime for retraining etc, the designers and regulators appear to have been a bit economical with the truth. LionAir showed this last year but didn't hit the headlines to the same extent.

One of the things computers (as distinct from springs and wires and pulleys) can do is allow people to build systems with better efficiency but also with less margin for safety when something fails (than on their non-computerised equivalent).

But that change in tactic has to be seen for what it is - a reduced safety margin in some circumstances, with corresponding tradeoffs.

If people make the change on the quiet, and don't understand or don't admit the implications for whatever reason, Bad Things are likely to happen.

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