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Bank of England takes a break from opining on banks' IT outages to 'fess up to forking needless cash on legacy kit, manual processes

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

If only they knew the half of it...

Costly vanity projects which disappear into the ether after a couple of years.

Huge numbers of process managers who vastly outnumber technical staff these days. People who's entire job appears to attend meetings to justify their existence. Poor decision making by management when choosing products and strategy. Cutting staff to reduce headcount budget and replacing them with outsourcers at vastly inflated costs. This is just a few of the things the BoE wastes money on!

The main thing they appear to be doing to try to reduce costs is by trying to force experienced technical staff to leave by giving 0% pay-rises to anyone who is earning even close to Market Rate for their job...

That uptime is also only partly because of the money spent... It's mostly because poor suckers like me take pride in their work and end up working hundreds of hours of overtime to keep the lights on!

Anon because the job market is dead at the moment and I don't fancy being fired ;)

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