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Re. standards. Therac-25 comes to mind. Also LHC, Tchernobyl and Columbia.

Sure it complied when it was originally constructed but that ****** was a disaster waiting to happen.

RIP all those who have died due to a most likely entirely preventable software issue.

Boeing should do the honourable thing and publish the firmware to trusted third parties so they can

go through it in *LINE BY LINE* analysis and find out exactly why it went so terribly wrong.

Then the report should be referred to in court when the managers are held responsible as they

quite rightly should be for corporate manslaughter.

I feel bad about this but its best to get it out in the open.

Also it looks like quite a few issues have been caused by stall prevention systems over the years,

perhaps the right thing to do is ground *all* the 737-MAX planes and those using related software

until it can be permanently resolved and the required backup systems added.

If needs be throw unlimited resources at it and take folks off less urgent projects no matter what the cost.

Consider scrapping the aircraft class if it can't be fixed without a complete redesign.

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