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Waseem Alkurdi

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They *FEEL* (not think) that _EMOJIS_ are more important than KERNEL FIXES???

To a PR entity facing lusers (the "Insider Team"), they are more important! (see icon)

And while emojis are a fad, they actually help communicating the emotion associated with some sentence, to prevent a joke from being taken seriously, to point out one example. I used to hate them, but not any longer.

VirtualBox uses QEMU code, but is not a QEMU fork. While VirtualBox is faster, QEMU actually adheres to the UNIX philosophy (the "do one thing and do it well" one). VirtualBox IMO is the systemd of virtualization.

And yep, you can specify multiple cores, with a number of cores that can be higher than the host (the option is -smp <NUMBER>.

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