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Yes, it will be interesting to see what happens if the software is identified as being at least partly at fault. Difficult to see that not leading to a landmark judgement about the liability of software. Of course, as long as it was just people from south east Asia, er, test driving the software, there was always the hope that no one would lawyer up. Could be different for the Ethiopian flight which, unfortunately, had UN people on board, and where the flight recorder could end up in Paris.

Note, I am not making light of the tragedies nor even really pointing the finger at Boeing, which has still has an enviable safety record. In fact, one of the consequences of the near duopoly of Boeing-AirBus has been fantastically safe planes. But the idea of Boeing rushing to offer a software patch should have everyone worried. In fact, the FAA should seriously consider forcing a complete recertification or otherwise leave itself open to court cases for certifying the planes as safe to fly. Pretty certain some countries will require new certification in any case.

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