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yeah, forking _might_ fix things, or restore compatibility. But what worries me is THIS (from the article):

"The Insider team itself merely pointed out there were some new emojis – rather than explaining Microsoft had taken the step of spotting a problem in the OS that was stopping it working with a popular FOSS component and getting the code tweaked in a matter of weeks."

They *FEEL* (not think) that _EMOJIS_ are more important than KERNEL FIXES??? Well, from this, it would seem that this is the case... (and I _think_ that emojis are a faddish cancer, like 70's disco "music" - 110bpm 'thunka thunka' for EVERY song, with 2 or maybe even 3 chords for anything NOT written by 'Earth Wind and Fire', heavily repeated like code you did copy/pasta with instead of writing a function, and pounded into your head and pressed out of plastic and over-played on radio "until you like it" and IT! JUST! REFUSED! TO! DIE! even after being spectacularly blown up by DJs like Steve Dahl, but I digress)

Worth pointing out also, virtualbox STARTED as a QEMU fork and the first really cool feature they added: multi-core support!

(is that in QEMU yet? I haven't messed with QEMU at 'that level' in a while)

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