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Don't worry, AI solves all your problems

I received the following spam from IBM yesterday.

"To drive your organization’s journey to AI, you need a database smart enough to fuel it. That’s why IBM recently announced their vision for Db2 as the premier AI database. Db2 not only uses AI to optimize its own performance, but has built in support for AI apps and workloads as well."

Fantastic. All I need is to move my SQL apps to Db2, and they will instantly become AI-enabled! Of course, a SQL database used by AI applications obviously needs to be different to a regular SQL database (in unspecified ways).

As it turns out, even these bogus features are vapourware. If you read the announcement it's full of "Going forward.... a capability that will be released later this year ... the next release of Db2" etc.

Sounds like IBM is trying very desperately to remain relevant, or at least to sound relevant to its investors.

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