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Did you know?! Ghidra, the NSA's open-sourced decompiler toolkit, is ancient Norse for 'No backdoors, we swear!'

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Re: Perhaps they have moved on

"Choose your suppliers carefully..."

I agree, but when a government chooses your suppliers? I think the notion of being too small for radar does exist like you think, but once you're on the radar? We already know the government has hush orders, but even without that, the government still has its "standards" to be met. Even if the FCC or whichever entity is _not_ involved, you still have government approved suppliers. This isn't coming out right like it is in my head, but maybe you can see it, you definitely see it with your foil hat on.

Of course it could all be worse than that, maybe as implied above, all popular architectures are exploited. And as also mentioned above, good luck financing your own. Even if we're not to that point yet, how long?

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