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Two in five 'AI startups' essentially have no AI, mega-survey of nearly 3,000 upstarts finds

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AI (as a textual search technology) does exist. AI uses AI-parsing, which opposes n-gram parsing.

There is a sentence:

-- Alice laughs, dances and sings. --

The traditional n-gram parsing gets a contiguous sequence of n (3) items from the above sample of text - one gets only

- Alice laughs dances sings.

With AI-parsing you get three phrases

- Alice laughs

- Alice dances

- Alice sings.

Next you discover appropriate dictionary definitions for each word, which provides you with the words' true meanings, and parts of speech. Now you can find this sentence by its true meaning.

According to NIST TREC a system that can find answers on bot Factoid and Definition questions is AI. AI-parsing - as IBM Watson, Google, etc. shows - helps to find both.

AI exists, read my patents and ride Google's Waymo.

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