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The groups in 'diversity' are all 'deviant', in that they deviant away from the default setting. The default setting is white straight young-to-middle-aged able-bodied male. Therefore diversity means beign not all of these or one of these in some way. A woman is a deviant man. A person in a wheelchair or blind deviates from able-bodied. Being over 70 is a deviant age. Being gay is deviant from straight. Being a lesbian combines two, as does being disabled male and gay. And LGBTQ+ is merely a catch-all for 'all those deviant sexualities if you aren't straight and male'. They have, as other commentards have said, very little to do with each other. We who are in that group have accepted the default and define ourselves by it.

The term Man, as in Mankind, is the default. It was set up by white straight young-to-middle-aged able-bodied males, as they are the dominant group in western socity.

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