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BT 'UK's most powerful Wi-Fi'? Why, fie, for shame! – ads watchdog


I always find the adverts for BT Hubs amusing because of the three Hubs I've had the pleasure of using, the Hub X being my own - none of them have managed to not drop out and reset on a daily basis in three separate households. I'd say the Hub X is the better one but I think that's probably due to a firmware update being sneaked on to it; it used to crash just as much as the previous models. That or I'm just not noticing it.

Aside from the crashes, the Hub X struggles to carry stable WiFi over to other side of my small flat and it's mainly hollow plasterboard walls in-between. So it gets moved from room to room.

The speeds aren't usually terrible mind you. I can usually get the quoted 60Mbit - behind other countries but still just fine for me. There's also no usage surprises but they're also not cheap.

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