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You think you've got it bad? I live in the US, you know, the land where everyone's a multigazilliomaire and we have the best of everything because we're so great? I pay 100 a month for 9MB up and 4MB down over a microwave link. The main pluses: I actually see these speeds, and my provider acts as a utility and not a content provider. I can use 100 percent of my bandwidth 24x7 if I want, no slowdowns or data limits. 150MBPS? I'd have to order a dedicated circuit for about 10,000 dollars a month if I wanted speed like that, because I live more than 5 feet from a major metropolitan area. Or, trust one of the providers like Cox to actually provide the speed I was buying and not "up to" which covers everything between 1 bit and the advertised speed.

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