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More to the internet than my WiFi is bigger than yours...

Wi-fi coverage is double-edged sword.

Especially given a combination of an ISP (BT isn't the only offender) who teaches customers wi-fi coverage is all that matters, and customers daft enough to believe them.

The result? Routers that can cover half a street, annoying neighbours. My own next-door neighbour recently installed BT broadband and in half my house and all of my garden his totally excessive wi-fi signal (of which he's intensely proud) blankets my own.

Change channels? Also difficult as BT now have half a dozen phon hotspots in a short rural road. Hotspots of no practical use (in sheer number at least) given the rural area and the fact they blanket half the 2.4 band. I spend half my life repositioning my otherwise perfectly adequate router, and changing channels to overlap as few others as possible.

More to responsible internet provision than seeing who can piss the highest.

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