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The whole WiFi marketing campaign has been blown out of all proportion

Say it ain't so! Marketing blowing stuff out of proportion? Not being truthful? I just can't believe it!

flimsy house with interior walls made of wood or other light materials, WiFi can propagate fairly well

Although copper pipes and electrical cabling can disrupt that quite badly. Which is why I ended up doing a mini-mesh using Ubuiqti APs - it was the only reliable way of getting decent wifi bandwidth over to the right side of the house.

And if you think that getting it to work in a modern house, just try to get it working in a historic building or castle. I believe the word 'no' was mentioned a lot in that conversation..

(Along with 'yes, we can do it, but only with an AP in every room, however small. And this is how much that it's going to cost... Why have you gone green?)

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