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YMMV; my 'up-to 100MB' with Virgin gives around 105MB every time I've bothered to speed-test it. Better than the appalling ADSL offering I used to get from Talk Talk that used to drop down to sub 2MB for prolonged periods for no apparent reason, and customer service that consists of having to argue with someone in India for 20 minutes before they concede that they have wrongly billed you for £50 to fix a problem at the frikkin' exchange...

I think the real problem is that all major telco / broadband providers seem to have appalling customer service. I wouldn't touch BT again after the Phorm debacle, and ditto Talk Talk for their open-door policy towards customer data. Sky can piss off as long as any of their money goes in Rupert Murdoch's pockets. Others (such as Vodafone) are just BT resellers with the added advantage of buck-passing when you need a problem fixed...

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