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jason 7

I can't stand this nostalgia junk recreating junk.

Look I had a Spectrum 48K Xmas 83. It was the best Xmas ever etc. I loved my Speccy.

But deep down I knew it was crap. But at the time it was the best value for entertainment around. All your mates had them (except the poor sod who's parents bought into the education angle and got him a BBC B or Electron) and again we all knew it was crap.

Stop buying this nostalgia crap. Just buy one on Ebay and spend the same 15 minutes dicking around with it before you go "this is a piece of crap, just like I remember it!"

Better still just watch some of the YouTube Videos of some poor sod spending two weeks and a small fortune repairing some bit of 8/16bit junk only to have to push really hard to make it all sound worth it once they get it working for the last two minutes of the 30 minute video.

It was fun...but it was still crap.

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