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Sorry, but the message timestamps and other information I see in the emails "they" (You?) send me indicates Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Russia. I am guessing at least a few of "them" speak Portuguese and that at least one of "them" is from Barcelona, Spain. And another is from St. Petersburg, RU and that proxy server "they" use is literally three blocks from GRU bureau offices.

The BIG problem is that I have EIGHT different state-level agencies watching my Vancouver office via ONLINE means and in person. Which means whenever I get any emails or other realtime data exchange, be it SPAM or other more normal business messages, they've been through SO MANY Man-in-The-Middle servers, that I am finding it fairly difficult to figure out which agency is which. (Not impossible! Just Difficult). Maybe the spammers AREN'T Russian but at least I know the group is made of Portuguese, Spaniards, one Russian at least, a German who lives in Barcelona and probably a Brazilian financier!

I would be careful though! I've got THREE U.S. and Canadian agencies WHO DO NOT KNOW about each other's surveillance, the Chinese, The Russians, the French, UK and the Israeli girl (I notice she's pretty damn cute too!) all watching what the heck I'm doing in my programmer's abode! (i.e. trying to steal my 65,000 Objects per second Autonomous Machine Vision/Recognition/Targeting software which work at up to 10,000 fps and 160,000 KMH, an in-atmosphere and space-rated autonomous flight control system, my fancy super-scale-up-and-scale-out grid-processing library that EMULATES an organic neural net ON ANY aggregated networked multi-platform hardware, my 128-bit massively parallel combined CPU/GPU/DSP design and finally my 75,000 LBS of thrust turbojet engine design which reduces thermal signature by dumping volatiles into the exhaust stream and other excess heat into a multi-cubic metre ceramic heat sink for at least 12 hours!) I would say THOSE are ABSOLUTELY interesting to various state level agencies....

AND STUPIDLY, they don't even have to goto all that trouble. A simple HoneyPot operation and LOTSA Benjamins would do wonders for my ego....KEEP IT SIMPLE SPIES !!!! The spycraft basics work REALLY WELL on me !!! Please note it absolutely WILL BE YOU who's paying for ALL the Porterhouse Steaks, Wine and Appertifs for a few months (or years as the case may be!) ...AND... I need a --NEW--- F-450 Dually Limited Edition Truck AND a Ford F-150 Raptor Crew Cab AND a Corvette ZR-1 ... ALL deep RED in colour of course! OH! And a 3000 square foot rancher house on 10 Acres in a rural place of my choosing in coastal British Columbia!

Do your magic Babeeeeees! Think .B.B.B.! -- I'm quite confident you know what THAT means!



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