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Redis kills Modules' Commons Clause licensing... and replaces it with one of their own

Ian Michael Gumby

Wow, they finally got it!

The in-memory database biz was one of the first open-source vendors to alter its licensing. Several players tweaked their terms last year with the aim of stopping big cloud vendors selling hosted versions of open-source programs, arguing the firms were profiting from them without giving back to the community. The moves prompted instant backlash from free-and-open-source software fans, however.

Yeah. The Apache license made it so that anyone could do anything with the open source code.

The reality is that once the code reaches a certain point of maturity you don't need a support license and can rely on community support. Or if you have a strong enough tech team, they can tweak it and run with a proprietary version.

In short, the Apache License gives companies the right to steal or rather use the IP you created for free and make money off of it.

Just saying...

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