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@Spanners - Agreed. I'm of the opinion, I'd rather have a chinese spy in my pocket, for 2 reasons, its cheaper (even if subsidised by the PLA) and I see less personal risk/chance of spying on me, than our "allies" (Who don't even have the common decency to offer a comparable discount for the privilege)

Also, with the recent pressure applied by the US administration and absolutely no proof to backup their claims, I can only conclude that they are just using absurd accusations simply to damage Huawei, and personally, I suspect this is more to do with, they can't offer comparable technology (yet) and they're scared chinese manufacturers will corner the 5G market before they can.

So basically, the current leader of the free-world, free-markets and chief promoter of capitalism is lying, threatening and actively throwing a tantrum as they are being beaten at their own game.

Big brother, because western intelligence seems to operate under the principle its "Better to ask for forgiveness than seek permission" ->

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