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Huawei hasn't yet fixed its security vulns, says UK's NCSC overseers

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Anonymous Coward

How much hypocrisy can the UK government pack into one statement?

So....the other guys are "bad guys", but we wouldn't ever do any of that spying stuff!


More generally, western countries have subcontracted almost all computer manufacturing to China for many years......because it's CHEAPER than doing it at home. And now we have governments (responsible for industrial policy at home) whining because the Chinese have learned a thing or two from the outsourcing experience!!!

And this industrial policy point doesn't just apply to computers and electronics. Take a day off and visit the excellent RAF Museum in Cosforth. I enjoyed my visit, and while I was there counted at least ten brands of British aircraft (built in the UK) long gone -- Gloster, English Electric, Short Brothers, Hawker, Fairey, de Havilland, Avro, Vickers, Bristol, Supermarine.....

So when it comes to industrial policy, CHEAP or CONVENIENT seems to trump SELF-SUFFICIENCY. And afterwards (and maybe a LONG TIME afterwards) we get the pathetic whining when the policy comes back to bite with Huawei!!

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