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Anonymous Coward

I got fed up with Kaspersky's pop ups for a 3rd party VPN

Installing an Internet security suite sometimes feels like deploying a known evil to avoid unknown ones. You end up putting a lot of trust in a company you know little about, yet deeply invades your PC. Suddenly you get a custom keypad when typing in your bank password, alerts when no-risk webpages use plain text passwords, invitations to type in all your PINs and precious numbers to detect them when they go online (yeah, sure!) and pop ups for a 3rd party VPN (Hotspot Shield). That was the last straw. I got fed up with Kaspersky, uninstalled it and shared my father's multi-device BitDefender licence. I'd have liked to tell Kaspersky why I was leaving, but they don't ask for a reason when you remove it. But would they care? It's easier to blame it on the US gov't.

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