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Re: I dropped Kapersky because it is too hard to use.

That's a pretty lame statement. As someone that uses their Enterprise solution, I can say it is awesomely easy to use, the ability to do encryption, device control, the extreme granularity it offers for FW and software is great. Agentless server AV means no performance hit, even a full scan on a server during production has no performance impact. Reporting is very good. Support (we have a contract) is top rate. As for the home edition, I have used some of the non corp tools, but at home (as a security person) I use several tools, but run a clean machine. making use of Sandboxie, and live CD/USB for anything that even might be iffy. But for work - it makes my job easier and it does a great job making me look good :)

I don't care if Turnip head dissed them to make himself look good, or MacAfee was making a hole for them to fill (yeah, there are those things) while greasing the palms that make the decisions... but I digress.

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