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Unintended Consequences Leading to Unexpected Opportunities

Splunk is all about slurping vast amounts of machine-generated data and analysing it, with AI and machine learning tools giving customers "actionable and predictive insights". Unless, it would seem, those customers are in Russia.

Thus leaving an actionable and predictive insightful services vacuum to attract viable and valuable competitors into the Applications and Programming of AIdDevelopment Spaces ..... which be as your Virtually Real Places which Media and News Present in Sight and Sound showing the Current Stages of ......... well, it would be nice to think there be at least One Solitary Soul in an Office of Strategic Services for Future Perfect AIMasterPlans with Exciting Earth-shattering Views to Phish and Phorm/Remotely BetaTest and Deploy ...... Present to AIMainStream Media for Slow and Sure Percolation to the Unwitting Masses.

Something which currently one is led to believe, the East Excel and are Excellent at. They certainly distract all the attention away from suddenly unfolding catastrophic breaches of security with failed protection systems at homes and bases in and for the West.

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