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I am going to argue about the "over priced". Firstly, I am prepared to pay a considerable premium for not having my data sold everywhere. So not all "price factors" are being considered. You are comparing Apples with rotten fruit.

Secondly, I went Apple (as did my family) when Apple went FreeBSD or Jordan Hubbard went Apple whichever way you want to put that. Since that time I have spent far, far less than prior budgets for the family computing (family includes 3 students). Your long term TCO with Apple is considerably lower than people think.

Thirdly, consider longevity. My phone is still a 6+ no need or serious inclination to upgrade. I would like the OLED screen, but it can wait until my 6+ dies. Still get two days use from it. But I never leave it on overnight charge. My fondleslab is the first 12" iPad (the first with a pencil) is still running as new. Some apps now have noticeable pause on loading but I think that increased overhead not the machine.

Fourthly, my watch saved my life by insisting I get medical help when I just wanted to go back to sleep. Septicaemia from two seperate organisms. Doctor said I would not have made it to the morning and I nearly did not make it anyway. I should have acted on first warning. Anyway, my watch saved my arse. That is simply priceless.

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