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I paid real money (only time so far) for an Android mapping app called CoPilot. Around 50 notes to give routing based on length, height, width, weight of your vehicle.

I bought this for use with a caravan. A dedicated SatNav with the same features costs around £350. They do a trucker version as well IIRC.

Free map updates as well which means I won't be paying for any more map updates for my venerable TomTom.

Intelligent routing is a must have when you have a large outfit. Being stuck down a narrow lane which isn't wide enough to turn in is a fate usually reported for articulated lorries with dodgy (cheap car?) SatNavs but can't be fun with a caravan either.

I'm not sure a road atlas or paper map gives you road width, bridge height, or turning radius for tight bends either.

I have checked (briefly) and you do get different routes depending on setup.

TL;DR they do trucker SatNav for phones.

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