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TomTom has idiots working for their route algorithm. Both of ours used to insist on entering Manhattan when going past it.

Once I set waypoints across the Goethals Bridge, Staten Island and the Verrezano Narrows Bridge in order for us to travel from New Jersey to Long Island, NY. The bloody TomTom started yelling about making a left turn, but I told my wife to ignore it. Then I grabbed the device and zoomed the map out so I could see the route, and, yes, it wanted us to go across the bridge, back into NJ, then take the Holland Tunnel into Manhattan, turn right around and take the same tunnel out of Manhattan and the same bridge back onto Staten Island before resuming the route I had planned.

Several times it tried to get us to drive into Washington DC while I was driving around it on I295. Once I was tired enough to let it persuade me and it took me into a road blocked off with concrete blocks and chainlink fence. It looked like Beirut after a particularly successful urban uprising.

There was also that beyond stupid "Keep left ... then ... turn right" thing on multi-lane highways in rush hour.

I switched to Garmin after my wife did when TomTom announced it would no longer support map updates on our models and urged us to buy a new device.

Last week I got a survey from TomTom asking what they could do to improve.

I gave them a point-by-point list, starting with "break the fingers of whoever came up with the route planner".

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