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Fun fact: GPS uses 10 bits to store the week. That means it runs out... oh heck – April 6, 2019

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"I remember the bad old days too, map scrunched up on the steering wheel while you desperately try to work out if the motorway exit just disappearing is the one you really needed."

Well thats just bad driving. You should have memorised that part of the route when you stopped at the services.

My satnav is only used in combination with a map (that may be google maps). I plan my route on the map and program the route into the satnav. Its job is to prompt me on the route and to get me back onto the route should I get diverted for some reason.

Last year I let the satnav do all the work when planning my route from Gt Yarmouth to Bedfordshire. Instead of taking me under Norwich it decided to take me on a tour of the best housing estates Norwich has to offer. I thought, ok thats cool, its having me avoid traffic hot spots, its supposed to do that. Till it tried to have me drive down a road that ended in a wall, expecting me to drive through the wall and turn right onto an A road.

This was a TomTom with the latest map. I had to park up in one of the housing estates, bring out the map (combined with google maps to zoom in on some bits) and plot a route using bloody waypoints (why are they called waypoints? I'm not playing Homeworld) to get me on what turned out to be the main A road that it was trying to avoid taking me down, which also turned out to be pretty quiet anyway.

Anyone who does not at least have a large road atlas in the car is asking for trouble.

And just to point out, I'm not 65 and learned to drive in an Imp. I'm 38 and work as a third line IT Systems Technician. I designed a 6502 based computer when I was 12 and cut my teeth on GNU/Linux by booting it off a floppy disc distro. I live in the commandline and the GUI is there to watch youtube and manage the windows the commandlines happen to be in. I have a degree in computer science, have experience programming in everything from C64 basic up to Java, C# and Haskell. I fully understand that satnav on my windscreen yet I happily chose a superior, recent paper map (and google maps lol) over it.

When I chose a map I know exactly why I chose it. The satnav is a tool. It was allowed to dictate to me once, and it blew it big time.

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