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Indeed and I can carry maps in my head. I once drove my aged mother from here in Dundee to my cousin's place in the countryside south of Macclesfield entirely on having looked up the route and used Google Earth to Street View the actual house so I would recognise it. Worked very well, there, and back again.

I frequently put maps in my head. On any number of occasions I have run a new running route by memorising the map, including in foreign cities. It is hard to run while looking at a map on your phone and I refuse to use earphones while running and often I don't even take my phone with me (extra weight, the arm wallet is uncomfortable).

Apart from mistaking a frozen stream for a path in a very snowbound park in Ljubljana I have not gone wrong.

We have had any number of cautionary tales of relying on a satnav instead of using our brains. If you never navigate by your own wits and knowledge that ability will atrophy. Google Earth is damned useful but I have a drawer full of paper maps which I also use as they encode details Earth often doesn't.

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