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Does anyone still use them?

I do. When I head off into the hills for a few days walking and wild camping my primary navigation is map and compass but I stick my GPS in the rucksack just in case of cloud, white-out or navigational incompetence. No need to worry about keeping it charged cos it keeps charge for ages and I carry spare batteries (AA). No need to worry about enough signal to get a map. No need for a subscription for decent outdoor maps. It's water resistant, drop proof and I can work it with thick gloves on and see it in bright sunshine or pitch blackness. It carries a full set of 1/25000 UK maps and the compass always points north - unlike my iPhone's which points in random directions.

My phone is OK for finding the pub in a strange city and working out which bus to get, but I wouldn't want to have to rely on it to get off a Scottish mountain when the clag comes down.

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